I would like to thank our students, parents, and guardians for your support and patience as we have made it through our first week of school.  In spite of very difficult circumstances, the staff of the Taylor County School District has done a wonderful job.  I am grateful for their efforts, and I have witnessed many of them going above and beyond to take care of our distance learners, in-person learners, and each other. 

I have provided the summary below to help capture what has happened in terms of COVID-19 in our District.  This information is based on people who were present in our school buildings beginning August 17, 2020.  There were ongoing cases that occurred prior to opening schools.  Of course, this is based on the information that I have at this time. 

Weekly Summary (August 17 to August 21) – COVID-19 Student/Staff Report

Percent of Total

Designated Population

Number of COVID-19 Positive Students



Number of COVID-19 Positive Staff Members



Number of Students/Staff Members Quarantined



TCSD has approximately 945 students that chose in-person instruction.  We have approximately 240 staff members. 

Parents and guardians, please continue to monitor your children at home.  Staff members should also be monitoring themselves as well.  We have the following documents to help with your decision making:



Jennifer Albritton