Bus WIFI Connection

To help students access the internet during our virtual learning week, Taylor County School District will be placing Wi-Fi rangers on buses at the following locations:

  • 22 Owens Road, Butler

  • TCSD Bus Shop, Butler

  • Sandcliff Apartments, Butler

  • Crossroads Fire Department, Butler

  • Thomas Circle, Reynolds

  • E. Harris Street, Reynolds

  • Reynolds Fire Department, Reynolds

How to Connect

1. Connect student device to SchoolBusInternet._ _ _ _ wireless signal. 

2. Student should be taken to the portal page as shown below when opening their browser. If not, they will need to go to mybusinternet.com.

3. Authenticate your device by entering access_ _ _ _ as the password when prompted. (For example, if you are attempting to connect to SchoolBusInternet1234, then the password would be access1234.)